April 9 Update from Supt. Long

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am reaching out given that the Governor’s most recent Executive Order has extended school closures through April 29th. As a district we are committed to continue to provide continuity of instruction as well as meals to our students for the duration of the closure. This includes Friday, April 10, and through the following week, which was originally scheduled as spring recess. 

As indicated in my April 1 communication, given the duration of the closure we have transitioned this week, and in a very thoughtful way in conjunction with regional schools, to provide opportunities for students to be engaged and continue learning new materials. This will be essential so your children will be well positioned when they return, and for future success. I would recommend that your review the April 1 Letter in its entirety, as well as the “Resources for Self-Guided Learning.” 

The most important expectation we hold for our students is that they participate daily and connect with their teachers so that learning can continue. This connection should be through the platforms designated by the teacher, i.e. Google Classroom. As parents and guardians, you are important partners and digital role models for your children to help them develop new routines to remain engaged in their learning during these unprecedented times.

Please know, we understand this new for all of you, as it is for us, our teachers and staff are available and accessible to assist you and your children through this unchartered territory. We are here if you need us, do not hesitate to reach out. Working together we can best meet the needs of our students. 

For our families who celebrate, I wish you a Happy Easter!


Dr. Maureen A. Long