Feb. 3 Budget Workshop Presentation

Budget Reminders

  • We will budget from the perspective what we know to be true in the present moment.
  • Though we will be cautiously optimistic about decreases in expenditures or increases in revenue, but we will not make assumptions.

What was expected at this budget workshop?

  • Projections
  • 2020-2021 Draft 1 Budget
  • Tax Cap Calculation if possible
  • Information out of the Capital/Governor’s office if available

Governor’s Proposed Budget Aid

Governor's Proposed Budget Aid






Why the Governor’s proposal is misleading…

Why governor's proposal is misleading chart






Adjustments to the Governor’s proposal

Adjustments to governor's proposal chart






Tax Cap: Changes to the calculation for 2020-21

  • CES Capital Exclusion
  • Information from BOCES not available in a timely manner
  • Information from BPD based on some assumptions

Draft 1 Budget

Draft 1 Expenditure Budget = 9,886,074
Draft 1 Revenue Budget = 8,990,503
Existing Gap = 895,571
Gap with Historic Adjustments = (30,529)

Historic adjustments have included:

  • $815,042 of Assigned Fund Balance
  • $  50,000 transfer from reserves

    This warrants additional conversation.

What is included in Draft 1

  • Mandates
  • District & Board Goals
  • What we might like to do:
    • Athletics
    • Aesthetic, Cosmetic, & Grounds Improvements
    • Items that will not directly impact teaching and learning


Many outstanding or unknown factors & figures:

  • Transportation
  • Tuition
  • SPED/Annual Review Outcomes
  • Kindergarten
  • BOCES Final Service Request

What to expect at next budget meeting

  • Projections
  • Draft 2 Budget
  • Tax Cap
  • Updates out of the Governors Office
  • Detailed Information from BPD

Next Budget Workshop is March 9, 2020.