July 16: Letter to families

Hello Menands School Families!

We hope you’re all enjoying your summer break. We’ve been busy here planning and preparing for next school year. Now that it’s mid-July, we wanted to share some information and updates for you. 

Much like this time last year, there are still many questions about what school will look like. The latest guidance from the CDC was released last week and indicates the return to in-person instruction for fall 2021 is a priority. Their recommendations for returning in-person safely are included in the full guidance: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/community/schools-childcare/k-12-guidance.html#print

Despite continued requests from districts across the region, we are still waiting for guidance from both the NYS Dept. of Health and Dept. of Education. Their guidance is paramount to our planning. It will have implications on a number of items, including but not limited to:  transportation,  school meals, class sizes and assignments, and even school supply lists. 

We know this is information you are very anxious to receive. We will share it as soon as we are able. We are also continuing to monitor available guidance and plan accordingly to ensure a safe return for all students in the fall.

On a positive related note, districts across the state have been provided funding opportunities to assist with meeting the needs of our students and schools resulting from or related to the pandemic. The initial plan for the funding we received, was presented to the Board of Education this past Monday, a copy of the presentation can be found here: https://www.menands.org/3392-2/ 

Among the opportunities available to schools, through the American Recovery Act is one which would cover the cost of internet services and connected devices for students off-campus.  In order to be able to fully access and utilize that funding we are asking that each family complete the survey at this link: Survey Link by July 31. Your assistance in this regard is most appreciated.

One other update is in regard to the possibility of pre-kindergarten programming for 4 year olds in Menands.  We have received an allocation of funding to help support this, and are working diligently with a number of partners to explore the possibility of doing so. You can expect another survey will be forthcoming for those parents who would have children who would qualify to determine their interest.

As indicated earlier, we will continue to provide updates regularly and as additional information becomes available.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out by email or phone.

Dr. Long & Mrs. Cannavo