Kids Heart Challenge runs Feb. 24 to Mar. 5

The Kids Heart Challenge unit for Menands School will take place February 24th–March 5th. This unit in Physical Education is a community service learning program of the American Heart Association. The students will learn the importance of developing heart-healthy habits. Millions of students have learned jump rope skills while learning how physical activity can help them live longer and healthier lives. 

All activities will be performed during the school day in physical education class as part of our jump rope/heart challenge unit.  

To register your child please visit the Kids Heart Challenge website and type in “Menands School,” then “search”. Each student will be given the chance to raise money for the American Heart Association and explore the interactive headquarters online as part of Kids Heart Challenge. All students who register will instantly receive a “Kids Heart Challenge” Wristband! Registering is free and there is no commitment to fundraise. All fundraising will be done online and at home with a parent or guardian only. Directions to register and fundraise online are available on the website. Students are not required to raise money.  If they decide to do so they will receive thank you prizes from the American Heart Association. All fundraising online will be due online by March 19, 2021.

Instant Thank You Gifts: Wristband, Dash, Sam, and Kai!

  • “In Person” students who earn instant thank you gifts will receive these gifts on the following Friday in P.E. class!
  • “Remote” students at home who earn instant thank you gifts will be asked to pick up the instant gifts by the Menands School Entrance only during the week of March 22nd – 26th between 9AM -1PM or after 2:45PM each day to avoid arrival and dismissal times of students in the building.

*All additional thank you gifts will be mailed to the school in the month of May to be handed out or picked up at school based on the student’s in person/remote status*  Remote learners will be contacted at this time for pick up!


Mr. Ahl and Mrs. Bettinger

Menands Physical Education Teachers