May 15 update from Supt. Long

Dear Parents and Families:

Though there are still come uncertainties and questions around a number of topics, I wanted to reach out and provide the updated information I am able to.

Last Day of Instruction:

The district’s approved calendar for the 2019-2020 school year consisted of 184 days.  Adherence to an Executive Order required us to provide instruction through what was originally scheduled as our Spring Break.  That said, our last day of instruction will be June 17.  Also, we will be observing the Memorial Day Holiday on May 25th.

End of the year Celebrations & Traditions:

We remain committed to honoring our many end of the year traditions and celebrations.  To that end, I provide the following updates:

  • Our 3rd Annual A to Z Countdown will be conducted virtually and begin on May 20th.  More information will be forthcoming via the district webpage and Facebook, and will also be shared by classroom teachers.
  • Field Day will also be conducted virtually from June 8th – 12th. Twenty events have been developed that students can participate in at home.  More information will be forthcoming, including a Google Presentation detailing the events, inclusive of video examples featuring staff members. 
  • Students are already in the process of submitting “acts” for our virtual Talent Show.  These will be complied into a video that we will make available for all to see upon completion.  
  • The Yearbook has gone to print, information on how to order will be publicized in the very near future.   
  • Relative to Kindergarten Moving Up and 8th Grade Graduation.  We are closely monitoring the guidance and direction coming from the Albany County Health Department and the Governor’s Office, regarding what is allowable, in terms of in person events.  Since this remains uncertain, we are planning for remote options as well.  As the direction and information becomes more definitive, we will keep you updated.

Report Cards & Grading: 

We recently sent home report cards for the second trimester (K-5) and third quarter (Grades 6-8) which captured the work that was done prior to our closure.  Since our students were last on campus March 13 we have moved to remote learning for the respective final marking periods, which as you know, has been far different.  Aligned with this the grading for this remote period of learning is also expected to look different. We are still finalizing exactly what and how we will report grades, and where relevant final averages, and will share that information as soon as we have it.  

Student Belongings & Return of Materials:    

We know some of you are anxious to retrieve materials that have been left behind.  There are also questions around how and when materials can be returned to school.  We are working on the logistics around this, and anticipate details will be available in the coming weeks. 

Again, there remains many unanswered questions.  We will continue to monitor all available information and guidance which will allow us to provide answers accurately, and make subsequent decisions thoughtfully.  If you need anything, or have questions or concerns do not hesitate to reach out to us via email or phone. As I have conveyed in multiple communications your continued partnership and patience is most appreciated.


Dr. Maureen A. Long