PE leadership award winners announced

A number of Menands students in grades 5 and 8 were recently honored with physical education awards from the New York State Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance.

Selection Criteria

The student: 

  1. Demonstrates responsible personal and social behavior, sportsmanship and citizenship 
  2. Desires to learn and improve 
  3. Exhibits a physically active lifestyle 
  4. Demonstrates leadership and is a positive influence on peers 
  5. Has contributed toward the total school program Students do not necessarily need to be the best athletes, however, they should meet the above criteria.

Award Winners

Grade 5

Mikayla Brice, Mattan Cadet, Juston Jones, and Michael Marchesi

Mikayla Brice, Mattan Cadet, and Justin Jones Michael Marchesi

Grade 8

Melvin Brown, Syraea Lawson, Caileigh Nevins, and Adityamithran Sivakumar

Syraea Lawson and Melvin BrownCaileigh Nevins and Adityamithran Sivakumar