Students recognized at Q1 Citizen/Scholar/Honor Roll Assembly

More than 60 Menands students were recognized Thursday at the first quarter Citizen/Scholar/Honor Roll Assembly.

“This is such an exciting and rewarding day,” Principal Antonietta Schroeder said. “It sets the tone and the expectation that we’re here to help each other and also recognize hard work.”

Citizen/Scholar award-winnersCitizen – K-4 and 5-8

This award recognizes students who are respected, reliable and who are helpful to others in our school or in the community.

Sadie Lemyre, K-4 recipient

Sadie is described as being a role model for others. She is a good friend, helper and listener in the classroom. She is an exceptional kindergarten citizen.

Julian Samedy, K-4 recipient

Julian is a genuine friend and supporter for all students. He consistently goes out of his way to make others feel included.

Michaela Berck, K-4 recipient

Michaela does a wonderful job following classroom rules. She is described as being kind and helpful to all her friends.

Ella Ponzo, 5-8 recipient

Ella is being recognized as an all-around nice person who is kind and considerate to everyone. She supports her peers and will put her work aside in order to help others.

Scholar – 5/6 and 7/8

This award recognizes students who strive to do their best in school and at home in completing assignments, projects, and preparing for upcoming quizzes and tests.

Mudaser Nawaz, 5/6 recipient

Mudaser consistently does his best in class. He works hard and always puts in extra effort. When his work is finished, he will also offer assistance to others including his teachers.

Divya Bollu, 7/8 recipient

This student is consistently prepared for class and devotes the entire time to her work. She attends extra classes to complete her projects. She is described as being conscientious, motivated and completes high quality work.

Q1 Honor RollHonor Roll (85+ average)

Samuel Laboy, Mohamed Ahmed, Elisir Abdalla, Khalil Williams, Joel Medina, Jeffrey Boulet

Q1 High Honor RollHigh Honor Roll (90+ average)

Aleeyah Rivera, Hakiem Perkins, Besem Ojong, Jaswanth Nimmanapalli, Carly Darmetko, Priya Billa, Keely Wilson, Lilly Nevins, Caileigh Nevins, Pranav Kandakurthi, Nihitha Ganneboina, Gabriel D’Andrade, Melvin Brown, Josh Yap-Abelardo, Carly Taylor, Daniel Sebagala, Jerome Rodrigo, Jeffrey Rodrigo, Kansas Ponzo, Melldjy Metellus, Shayla Duvall, Hulai Diallo

Q1 Superintendent's ListSuperintendent’s List (95+ average)

Sanjay Saravanan, Ella Ponzo, Mudaser Nawaz, Allison Masline, Ali Hasan, MaKenzie Evans, Sam Dunsker, Aayushii Badami, Kadambari Suresh, Adityamithran Sivakumar, Neha Prabhu, Shubham Patel, Liam Nevins, Tanisha Muralimanohar, Sivahari Mohanraj, Julianna Lacson, Sanvi Jaju, Krithik Chirra, Divyasri Bollu, Yashaswin Bellamkonda, Leana Sousa, Sanyu Nanteza-Kimuli, Sneha Majo, Andrea Camara

More photos from the event are available on our public Facebook post.

Congratulations to all who were recognized! Keep up the good work!