Congratulations to our Class of 2022!

Menands School is proud to recognize 30 eighth graders on their accomplishments and the successful completion of their Menands School education. On June 23, the following students received their diplomas:

Elsir A.
Ahmed A.
Mohamed A.
Charlize Nir’ee B.
Ryan B.
Carly D.
Sam Warren D.
MaKenzie E.
Duckenley G.
Christopher H.
Ali H.
Brooke H.
Yirou K.
Samuel L.
Rodney L. III
Solias L.
Kiara M.
Allison M.
Mudaser N.
Jaswanth N.
Besem O.
Hakiem P.
Dashawn P.
Ella P.
Aleeyah R.
Yanick S.
Jayla S.
Jordan S.
Damarion W.
Christopher W.