Virtual Multicultural Celebration runs through April 3

Like many other events and activities, we had to postpone our in-person Menands School PTA Multicultural Celebration. HOWEVER! We are excited to announce our Virtual Multicultural Celebration from March 30 to April 3!

Let’s travel the world!

Homemade stroopwafels

Jacoba VandenBerg made homemade stroopwafels to celebrate the Netherlands!

Here is our friend Sabhareesh (Grade 3) wearing a formal outfit! And Rava Laddu, a traditional Indian meal, which looks delicious!

More celebrations!

How to participate

Our families are invited to join the celebration by sharing one or more of the following via email to Mrs. Schroeder at:

  • Photos and information of the country you are representing
  • Photos of your family preparing a food dish, dessert, etc. and the final dish
    Recipes of the food dish
  • Videos of individual performances that you planned (please do not gather as a group)
  • Videos of stories from the country
  • Posters
  • Displays

We will post submissions on our Facebook page and the school website throughout the week!