Clubs and Activities

Menands School is excited to continue extracurricular clubs and sports this Winter for Grades 2-8. Club offerings occur after school on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for one hour and bus transportation home is available. Please see the club description for further details.

Please note: If your child participated in a club 2nd trimester that is also offered in 3rd trimester they must sign up again. This is in order to optimize club participation for all students.

If a club meets its maximum capacity, all students who signed up for the club will be put into a lottery system. Through this system, students will be randomly selected to participate in the club. Those who do not get selected will be notified through the parent email that was submitted during sign-ups. 

An important reminder for parents of elementary students: on any day that there is a change in a student’s regular dismissal procedure, the student must bring a blue dismissal note to their homeroom teacher. Parents must send in a blue dismissal note on any day that an elementary student stays after for a club, indicating if they will be picked up or take the late bus.

In accordance with District Policy 4715, students must remain in good academic standing to participate in extracurricular activities. Participation in after-school activities may be suspended for a period until the students’ grades improve.


  • Story Walk Club – Grades 5 & 6
  • Track – Grades 5-8
  • Board Games Club – Grades 2 & 3


  • Sunshine Club – Grades 4-6
  • Wiffle Ball Club – Grades 7 & 8
  • Arts & Crafts Club – Grades 2 & 3


    • Yearbook – Grades 6-8
    • Track – Grades 5-8


    • Lego Club – Grades 7 & 8
    • Floor Hockey Club – 4-8



    Third Trimester: Mondays 

    Grades 5 & 6

    Advisors: Mrs. Ford & Mrs. Malkiewicz

    Storywalk Club combines nature and literacy. Members work together to prepare books and question prompts to be placed in the Menands Nature Trail.

    Maximum number of participants is 10.


    Board Games Club

    Third Trimester: Mondays

    Grades 2 & 3

    Advisor: Ms. Devine

    Students will be given the opportunity to play/learn a variety of board games. Children will learn strategies, and rules, and be given the opportunity to engage/play with their peers. 

    Maximum number of participants is 12.

    Board Games Club Sign up

    Sunshine Club

    Third Trimester: Wednesdays

    Grades 4-6

    Advisors: Ms. McQuade & Mrs. Hall

    The Sunshine Club’s mission is to unite students and create a positive environment that the entire school can benefit from. Participants will do this by spreading random acts of kindness and creating a kindness movement. Each week the Sunshine Club will work together to carry out different activities with the goal of making kindness cool!

    Maximum number of participants is 20.

    Sunshine Club Sign Up

    Wiffle Ball Club

    Third Trimester: Wednesdays

    Grades 7 & 8

    Advisor: Ms. Ervin

    Wiffle Ball club offers the opportunity to learn about the game of baseball in a learning environment where students with varying skills can teach other students the game of baseball. Wiffle Ball is played exactly like baseball but requires no outside materials from students. Students will be grouped with other students of varying abilities on a team. Teams will play each other outside (weather permitting) in a game. Staff with knowledge of the game will be present to make sure every student is involved and enjoying the experience. No prior experience with Wiffle Ball or baseball is required. We will be using a plastic bat with tennis balls so no glove is required!

    Maximum number of participants is 20.

    Wiffle Ball Club Sign Up

    Arts & Crafts Club

    Third Trimester: Wednesdays

    Grades 2 & 3

    Advisor: Ms. Devine

    Students will engage in a variety of arts and crafts activities. Students will draw, paint, and use various materials to complete projects. Students will be able to explore different art aspects and create beautiful masterpieces.

    Maximum number of participants is 12. 

    Arts and Crafts Club Sign Up

    Yearbook Club

    Third Trimester: Thursdays

    Grades 6-8

    Advisors: Mrs. Stanton & Wroblewski

    Students will work collaboratively to create the 2022-2023 school yearbook electronically. Students will create announcements, send thank you notes, solicit photos, brainstorm page ideas, choose design layouts, and insert photos to create the completed yearbook. 

    Maximum number of participants is 10.

    Yearbook Club Sign Up

    Lego Club

    Third Trimester: Fridays

    Grades 7 & 8

    Advisor: Ms. Ervin

    Students will engage in a range of relevant learning opportunities that will immerse them in research, problem-solving, coding, and engineering with FIRST® LEGO® League Challenge Class Pack. Students will develop, design, build, and code LEGO® robots that navigate missions to develop an innovation project solution to a real-world problem. If your student enjoys a challenge and creative thinking this is for them! 

    Maximum number of participants is 16.

    Lego Club Sign Up

    Floor Hockey Club

    Third Trimester: Fridays

    Grades 4-8

    Advisor: Mr. Ross

    Floor Hockey is a club dedicated to teaching students the elements of hockey. All are welcome and no prior experience is needed. We will review the fundamentals of hockey and then play games that involve everyone. 

    Maximum number of participants is 20.

    Floor Hockey Club Sign Up



    Third Trimester: Mondays and Thursdays

    Grades 5-8

    Advisors: Mr. Buskey & Ms. Ervin

    Track is a sport that will give motivated athletes the opportunity to learn, improve and compete in track events while also growing as a team. The focus will be on running events such as the 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, and mile as well as relay races. All abilities are welcome. Having fun is a must!

    Maximum number of participants is 40.

    Track Sign Up