Girls work to advance healthy lifestyle choices

colorful poster with drawings of hearts and the world and people and the words keep the Earth litter free

Along the hallways throughout the school, there are reminders to protect the Earth and throw things away properly. The signs were created by fourteen girls from grades 3-5 who spent three months participating in the Girls on the Run program. 

“The girls worked together to create posters to remind others to recycle and take care of our school building and outdoor areas,” said Girls on the Run Club Advisor Katie Nersesian. “These posters really showcased how much our girls love their school community,” she said.

a drawing of a whale, a rabbit, and a cat with the words save the animalsTwice a week, this group would meet for different themed lessons. Some topics included embracing their inner star power, recognizing differences and showing empathy, making meaningful friendships, and positive ways to impact community. The girls took these lessons to heart.

The nonprofit program focuses on health by combining physical fitness and social emotional learning. It emphasized kindness, decision making, and leadership skills and culminated in a 5K race. Each lesson, girls set goals for themselves for how many laps they would run and worked overtime to try their best to meet their goals. 

a happy group of students and adults dressed warmly and ready to runAt Jennings Landing, on November 19, our Menands team put their best effort forth and finished the 5K race with other teams from around the Capital District.

“It was a pleasure to watch our girls compete and grow throughout this program.” said Superintendent Long. “We are immensely proud of what they have accomplished.”