Menands School Spelling Bee

On Thursday, Dec. 16, the Menands School hosted our annual spelling bee. Students advanced to the school-wide spelling bee based on their performance in their class spelling work. The first place winner of our school spelling bee will advance to the Capital Region Spelling Bee at Proctors Theater in February.

Two students standing next to each other
Adi Thumilan (left) and Meenakshi Nair (right) were first and second place winners of the spelling bee.
Spelling bee winner standing in front of a book case
Adi Thumilan, seventh grade student, was the first place winner.

Adi Thumilan, a seventh grade student at the Menands School, was the first place winner of the school bee. The final word, which determined the winner, was ‘stasis.’ Mennakshi Nair, fifth grade student, was the second place winner.

Congratulations to all of the participants of the school spelling bee!