Mrs. Cannavo’s Book Club

Having a hard time getting your students to read this Summer? Mrs. Cannavo is hosting a book club in August to encourage kids to read! Students in 5th-8th grade will read the book that they chose independently or with a parent/guardian/friend, then in the third week of August everyone who joined to book club will meet up to discuss the book!
There are two books that you can choose from:

1. Posted by John David Anderson
Posted by John David Anderson (Walden Pond Press, 2016) follows a group of middle-school children as they navigate changing friendships, bullying, and the effect of words on themselves and others.

2. Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt
The book “Fish in a Tree” is about a girl named Ally Nickerson who has dyslexia and faces the struggles of not being able to read and everyday struggles any student can relate to. Ally experiences the school hardships of being alone, bullying, and not wanting to work.

If your student is willing to make the commitment to read one of these books please fill out the information linked here!

If you have any questions please reach out to Trish O’Connell

Happy reading