FERPA Notification

The Board of Education, Menands Union Free School District, has adopted a policy designed to assure parents and students the full implementation, protection and enjoyment of their rights under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). A copy of the School District’s Policy is available for review in the office of the District Clerk.

FERPA requires the School District to designate as “directory information” any personally identifiable information taken from student’s educational records prior to making such information available to the public for any use.

The Board of Education of the School District has stated as a policy that it declines to designate student records as directory information under FERPA. The School District believes that it has a duty to protect the privacy rights of parents and students who expect that personally identifiable information from educational records will not be released to the general public for commercial or non-educational uses. Therefore, the School District will not provide access to directory information to the general public. However, the School District will provide such information for traditional uses, such as the yearbook, honor rolls, athletic programs and other school publications. However, if a parent/guardian desires to withhold the use of information of their child for even these limited educational purposes, he/she may do so by completing the proper form available at the Superintendent’s office.

If a parent/guardian has no objection to the use of student information for the educational purposes described here, he/she does not need to take any action.

This notification can also be found in the district’s Code of Conduct.