Are you ready? Annual ‘A-Z Days’ begin on Monday, May 16

A-Z Days, an annual Menands School tradition, will begin on Monday, May 16 until the end of the school year. Each school day will have a respective theme corresponding with a letter of the alphabet, such as Dance Day and Joke Day, leading up to the last day of school. Below, you will find a schedule of the theme days. Additionally, students have been sent home with a printed copy of this calendar.

The goal of A-Z days is to make the last few weeks of school even more fun and exciting for our students. Some of the events will depend on the weather and some will require some items from home, such as Blue and Gold Day, Hat Day and Mismatch Day. Any students who would like to participate that do not have such items at home can reach out to Ms. Cahill or Mrs. Wroblewski, Mrs. Stanton or Mrs. Ball.

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A-Z Days Calendar

Week One

May 16: Are you Ready for the A-Z Countdown?
May 17: Blue and Gold Day- Celebrate Menands by wearing our school colors!*
May 18: Coloring in your Classroom Day
May 19: Dance Day
May 20: Estimating Day

Week Two

May 23: Favorite Color- Wear it to school!*
May 24: Game Day
May 25: Hat Day*
May 26: Introducing..our visiting authors!
May 27: No School

Week Three

May 30: No School
May 31: Joke Day
June 1: Keep Kool with ice pops!
June 2: Listen to a story
June 3: Mismatch Day- Don’t let your clothes match!*

Week Four

June 6: New Beginnings: Mrs. Green and Mrs. Testo are retiring
June 7: Outside Day- Spend some time outdoors
June 8: Paper Airplane Day
June 9: Queen and King Day- Treat each other like royalty
June 10: Root for your team – it’s Field Day!

Week Five

June 13: Sunglasses Day
June 14: Tongue Twister Day
June 15: Ultimate Rock, Paper, Scissor Game!
June 16: Verano Birthdays – Celebrating summer birthdays!
June 17: Watermelon Day

Week Six

June 21: X-change Autographs Day
June 22: Year-end Cleanup Day
June 23: Zip into Summer – Last Day of School!

* Denotes that participating students will need to bring something from home.

Print-friendly A-Z Days calendar (PDF)