Smart Schools Initiative

January 2019 Presentation

Smart Bond Initiative

Passed by New York Voters in November of 2014

Awarded $2 Billion to all Schools based on enrollment and state aid formula

Menands Union Free’s Award is $78,846

Rules for these use of these funds – Six Categories

  • Classroom Connectivity
  • Classroom Technology
  • Community Connection
  • Pre-K Classroom Improvements
  • Elimination of Temporary/Trailer Classrooms
  • School Security and Safety

What you can’t do…..

  • You cannot pay salaries
  • You cannot pay for software
  • You cannot pay for professional development

You are expected to provide these, but you can’t pay for them from the Bond.

Step 1

  • Administration works with the district’s architects to establish priorities in the approved categories.
  • Consideration to:
    • Menands Union Free Strategic Plan
    • Menands Union Free Technology Plan
    • Building Condition Survey

Step 2

Establish a Smart Bond Planning Committee to review these proposals and recommend them to the Board of Education.

Menands Union Free School’s Goals

  • Menands Union Free Schools wishes to upgrade the wireless networking infrastructure to provide a strong backbone for the learning community.
  • Menands Union Free School will utilize Federal Category 2 Erate funds to reduce this expenditure by 50 percent.
  • Menands Union Free Schools wishes to upgrade outdated interactive whiteboards with classroom interactive display devices.

Next Steps

  1. The Smart School committee consented to these proposals will being presented to the Board of Education at their January 7th meeting.
  2. Board of Education can accept the proposals as the preliminary plan.
  3. Smart Schools Investment Plan is then published on the school district web site with an email address for public comments for 30 days.

Final Steps

  1. At a public hearing attached to the Board of Ed Meeting February 11th, any comments on the Smart Schools Investment Plan are reviewed and the plan can be approved by the Board of Education.
  2. Approved plan submitted to NYSED.
  3. The Plan then churns through NYSED for about 15 months.

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